U. S. Army Assignments

Joined Army, Women's Army Corps (WAC) on the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) Feb 77 (PV1)

Shipped from the Detroit MEPS to basic training at Ft McClellan Alabama in May of 1977.

Graduated Jul 1977 E 1st Battalion 1st Brigade (PV2)

Advance Individual Training (AIT) Ft Belvoir Virginia 35E20 and 35E30 Senior Special Electrical and Electronic Device Repairman Aug 77 to Jan 78 (PFC)

TDY to Honolulu Hawaii  Hometown Recruiting Program USADRC Jan-Feb 78
No I am not from Hawaii  I will explain later

513th Maintenance Battalion 3rd ACR Ft Bliss Texas Feb 78 to May 79 (SP4)
Met future husband SP4 Mark P Crabtree 
Had lunch with Gen Omar Bradley, Asked him two questions
First: Did Gen Patton really carry a pearl handled revolver? 
614th Maintenance Battalion Atch 71st Maint Bn Germany Jul 79 to May 80  (SP5) 
Reenlisted for Ft Ord California to get SCUBA certified
I was told I needed to be certified before I could go to dive school, not!

Co A 707th Maintenance Battalion 7th Infantry Division Ft Ord California Jun 80 to Sep 81
Got certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and
the National Association of SCUBA Diving schools (NASDS)
Turned down promotion to Staff Sargent to be eligible for dive school.

  En-route to Ft Rucker Alabama 
TDY to United States Navy Diving & Salvage Training Center Panama City Beach Florida 

Dive School failed swim test. i Dis-enrolled myself rather than waiting to flunk out.

HHC 30th Engineer Battalion Ft. Belvoir Virginia (learned how to swim)
TDY Ft Eustus Virgina to attend diver pre-screen course two weeks.
Back to dive school
Graduated  dive school April 1982

86th Diving Detachment 30th Engineer Battalion Ft Belvoir Virginia Oct 81 to Jan 83

Petroleum Distribution Systems  Pohang Korea Jan 83 to Jan 84 (SSG)
Brought Jack Daniels the dog back
Best year of my Army career thanks to: James P Leveille aka Frenchy, Dean & Bev, Craig &Terry, Fessler, Mac, Brian, Lars & Joy, Dale.  There are many more to name.
I was suppose to stay six more months and attend the Salvage Divers course at port Hueneme California  unfortunately It would not have been mentally impossible for me to stay under the new command atmosphere

511th Diving Detachment 30th Engineer Battalion Ft Belvoir Virginia....

HHC USAG, 313 SIG CO,  Ft Hood Texas


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